• I lost 20 pounds and more than 25% body fat, gained cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone - I look and FEEL better and stronger than ever before! Along with a common sense eating plan, Alex designed a personalized training program that was just right for me! He is a true expert in his field, customizing each client’s routines based on their individual goals. Alex’s charisma and positive attitude is contagious and the fact that he is sincerely invested in his clients’ success motivates us to work hard and stay focused day in and day out. Alex sets the bar high and so Next Level Fitness trainers are all fantastic with the same level of positive energy and expertise. Clients refer friends, and friends refer friends…I can go on and on…but you should stop in and check it out for yourself! Thank you Alex- You and your team are absolutely AMAZING!

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  • “What can you say about somebody that you enjoy being around but hate while he pushes you to the edge and then over it. This has basically been my experience with Alex over the last few years. He has helped me to make a realistic workout schedule and diet plan to take me from my previous 300lbs to my current weight of 195lbs and continues to give me motivation to maintain this. It wouldn't have been possible without him.”

    KENNY - 107 lbs lost in 8 months*

    Kenny M

  • Alex has been not only my trainer but coach as well. Because of his extensive knowledge in injury prevention, nutrition and guidance in fitness, I have competed in 3 shows, and qualified for national level 2X. Alex has a dialed in approach with a special delivery to meet your personal goals. Alex is driven to get you where you want to be, not only as a competitor, but as a person who wants to better their physique, nutrition, and lifestyle. Alex will customize, formulate, and implement a personal fitness prescription just for you! I highly recommend Alex by FAR! He Is THE BEST!! I rate him the highest rating ever!!! Grateful for EVER!

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