Personal Training

Each one of our trainers is well experienced and hand-selected, making it a family-like atmosphere. NXT Level Fitness is a private personal training gym located in Hillsboro, Oregon. We offer personalized solutions based on your individual goals. We strive on making our facility professional, maintained and judgment-free while having your gym experience be the highlight of your day. At NXT Level Fitness we believe that personalized fitness training, as well as nutritional guidance, can lead to a long-lasting lifestyle transformation. Our clients are everyday individuals of any age or skill level with different fitness goals looking to improve their lives both mentally and physically.


personal trainersOne-on-one coaching is our area of expertise where we have transformed many lives. An initial consultation is required to set specific goals. Motivation measures such as taking your body fat, weight, and circumferences, then taking it every few weeks to make sure goals are met, are some way we keep our clients accountable.

Training consists of a warm-up, demonstrations of the exercises, targeted muscles, breathing techniques, and set/rep range. Based on the individual's goal, we incorporate all styles of training—weight training, plyo metrics, body weight movements, cardio, calisthenics, or combinations of any in order to succeed. We strive to make your workout safe via form yet produce the results wanted.

We specialize in the following:
 - Weight Loss
 - Cardio
 - Muscle Gain
 - General Functionality
 - Sports-Specific training
 - Strength Training
 - Endurance



Meet The Owners

Alex Atanasov

Alex Atanasov (read bio)

Borce Atanasov

Borce Atanasov (read bio)

Heart Rate Monitors

We keep our members safe and engaged every step of the way. Our heart rate monitors help you in all aspects of your workout and allow us to monitor your progress during your session. With monitors in the cardio, Bootcamp and weightlifting areas, you'll confident your workouts are effective.

fitness gym with heart rate monitors


NXT Level Fitness App

As a client get access to our personal training app to track your progress and workouts outside of the gym. When you come into the gym your workouts are automatically synced with the NXT Level Fitness App. Track your heart rate, calories burned, distance covered and even see how you stack up against other members.

fitness app


 Body Composition Scanner

Don't just work harder, work smarter with our InBody Scanner. With our trainer, you'll weigh in every 2 weeks to track your weight loss and muscle gain. Our body scanner tracks your muscle mass, fat mass, and skeletal mass. This is important in understanding how to adjust your diet and macros in order to hit your goals. When it comes to nutrition and exercise one size doesn't fit all. You need to adjust and optimize your workouts and nutrition based on how your body is responding. Without this valuable data, you're essentially driving without directions on how to get to your destination.

Body Composition Scanner


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