March 27, 2019


Being overly anxious makes all possible expectations look bleak. You know things can be better, but your mind does not entertain such ideas. Your heart probably feels like a viable contender for the F1 championship, and your sweaty palms won’t let you get a grip on reality.

Amidst all the “unnecessary fears,” it will help to know that there are a few things you can do to calm your nerves, and ward off anxiety.

One or a combination of these should help you feel in control.

  • Stick With The Present
  • A mind that is overwhelmed with anxiety finds it hard to appreciate the present. It becomes focused on all the negative possibilities that might arise. When you start feeling like it will all fall apart, you should have a rethink on things. Bring your mind back to "THE MOMENT." Focus your energy and mind on what you are doing at the moment, and be positive about it.

  • A Quick Breathing Exercise
  • It sounds cliché, but it works! There is no constituted way to go about it; you don’t have to count your breaths. Just take even breaths – in, out – until you feel your mind, body, and heart come back to their optimal state – a point where you feel confident.

  • Take A Stroll
  • Move away from that environment, get some fresh air. By doing this, you are most likely walking out from the source of your anxiety. And giving your mind a break that it needs to stay focused.

  • Sink Into Some Cool Music
  • Create a playlist with lots of positive vibes. Most times it is easier to calm a restless mind with a soothing voice. Push Play, and let yourself relax into the powerful effects of sweet melodies and rhythms from your favorite artists. It will help you relax.

  • Talk To A Friend That Understands.
  • A reassurance that all is well might be all you need to forge on with a calmly resolved mind. It is all more relaxing when it comes from a friend you confide in - your confidante. A friendly gesture is always welcome in anxious times.

  • Stay Off Caffeinated Products, Drink More Water
  • Or stay off coffee! Anxiety slips your body into a state of “excitement,” and dousing your body system with caffeine will only make you edgier. If you need to take a drink when you are feeling nervous; opt for infused or plain water.

  • A Mantra Helps
  • Shut your eyes for a bit, and under an even breathe repeat a short mantra. Repeating derived statements like “This too shall pass,” “I am doing OK” or some other suitable mantra might be all you need to stay focused. This is mostly easier for persons who get themselves involved in meditations.

  • Get Some Me-Time, Think First Of Yourself.
  • It doesn’t have to translate to utter solitude. Just map out time for yourself; give yourself a treat, visit a mall, arrange your room or do any other thing that makes you the principal focus. Activities like this will help you unwind and think more about your choices.

  • Take A Shower
  • You must have noticed how refreshing it is to take a shower, right? A splash of water will do a lot to soothing your nerves, and make you feel more relaxed.

  • Make Use Of Essential Oils Or Scented Candles
  • Specific fragrances such as lavender have been known to appeal to restless minds. A whiff of such aromas can take your mind to pleasant destinations and memories. Hence, putting your mind at ease.

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