March 26, 2019


Have you been looking for a naturally healthy means to reduce your calorie intake without going on fasts? If so, then zero-calorie foods are what you need.

If you are searching for zero calorie foods in your grocery store, then you should be doing that in the fruits and vegetable section. Per se, no food is definitively without a calorie. The concept behind Zero calorie foods stemmed from the fact that even in considerable quantities, such foods leave negligible amounts of calories in the body.

Here are ten of which we are sure you will enjoy!

  •   Apples – 52cals/100g
  • We are sure you love this already. Apples have made a name for themselves as highly nutritious fruits, which are enjoyed all around the world. It packs an abundant stash of fibers and makes a refreshing snack when you feel hunger setting in.

    Now you can keep both “the doctor” and excessive calories away.

  •   Broccoli - 34Cals/100g
  • As a kid, your parents might have coerced you to eat your broccoli. Now, bearing in mind all its antioxidative properties, fibers, and low-cal content; you will see how it is easily one of the superfoods that makes a great snack! You don't need to be coerced to eat your broccoli anymore

  •   Tomatoes – 17Cals/100g
  • There is no denying that tomatoes are a juicy delight to eat. They are known to be a source of dietary fiber. And they as well pack up as a source of natural skin protectant.

  •   Mushrooms: Portabella mushrooms – 22Cals/100g
  • When it comes to counting calories, all mushrooms are on the lower side of the count. You can use them to replace beef in various recipes, or as a dish, and not get worried about calories.

  •  Watermelon – 30Cals/100g
  • It will be hard for you to say no to the sweetness of watermelon. Contrary to what would have been expected, judging from its sweet taste; watermelons are low in calories. They pack lots of nutrients and make wonderful antioxidants, as well!

    1.   Grapefruits – 42Cals/100g

    Grapefruits hold a special place as diet foods. They add more flavor to your diet, and will definitely rev your body’s metabolism. With their benefits, you will have to consider any calorie they bring to the table is negligible.

  •    Carrots – 41Cals/100g
  • You might have been eating carrots for the obvious reasons, but there is more to them. They are natural diuretics that help rid your body of retained water and excess sodium. As well, they help manage blood glucose levels and ease inflammation in the body.

  •   Oranges
  • Oranges are popularly known and consumed for their vitamin C. though the pack 47 calories per 100 gram, oranges will help you achieve that daily calorie deficit you are aiming for. Plus, you will enjoy them!

  •    Cabbage – 25Cals/100g
  • Well known for their ability to prevent heart diseases and cancer, they will also help you lose weight faster. As they have very low calorie contents that will easily burn off, just by going about your normal daily activities. To enjoy your cabbage better, you might want to opt for cabbage soup

  •    Cucumber – 16Cals/100g
  • It is not surprising that cucumbers contain low amounts of calories; all thanks to their high moisture content. Join this to other low cal vegetables, and make some great salad that you will enjoy. Also, you can get filled quickly just by eating cucumbers.

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