March 27, 2019


Diabetes is a big deal, and so is its prevention. You shouldn’t let yourself run through the risk of diabetes if you can entirely avoid it. Especially in a case where the disease runs in the family, or you are overweight, then you should make the prevention a priority.

It is a chronic disease which millions of people are prone to, worldwide. At early stages – prediabetes – an individual’s blood sugar gets high, but not enough to be diagnosed as diabetes. Unfortunately, the chances of someone in the prediabetes stage to advance to type 2 diabetes is quite high.

Diabetes prevention is a choice to make, and one which involves doing some basic things in life, but with more determination. There is never a preset time to start preparing yourself against the risk of diabetes, but starting NOW is always a good choice. Don’t leave it for later; you might be running out of time – you have no idea. We have highlighted a few things you can do to be on the safer side.

  • Schedule Routine Workouts – Lose Weight.
  • Getting involved with lots of physical activity, in the form of resistance training and aerobic exercises helps in diabetes prevention. This technique highlights primary factors that help in diabetes prevention, which includes:

    •    Sensitivity to insulin
    •    Weight loss (especially helps if you are obese or overweight)
    •    Lower blood sugar level

    Frequent physical exercises or activities increases your body’s sensitivity to insulin; improving the hormone’s functionality. Hence, less insulin will be required to control the levels of your blood sugar optimally.

  • Cut Down On Your Intake Of Sugar And Refined Carbs
  • Sugar, sugary foods, and refined carbs can hasten the transition from prediabetes to diabetes. The more sugar and carbs there are in your system, the more the pancreas produces more insulin to put them under control. Over time, there might be a high rise of blood sugar with a resultant increase in insulin levels, which might eventually result in type 2 diabetes.

    Check for your regular source of sugar and refined carbs and replace them with foods that have less effect on your blood sugar levels.

  • Give Up Smoking
  • Doing this might be hard, but you just have to give it up. Smoking has been related to or labeled as a cause of various risks to human health, including cancers, heart diseases, and emphysema. Further, the Diabetes and Metabolism Journal reported that smoking aggravates the cardiovascular complications of diabetes.

    More researches and analysis have proven that smoking increases the risks of diabetes in average smokers by 44%, and by 61% in heavy smokers. So, it will do you a lot of good to cease smoking and reduce your chances of falling to type 2 diabetes.

  • Eat Healthier – Drink Lots Of Water, Too.
  • Opt for a healthy-eating plan; it doesn’t have to be ketogenic. It is necessary for you to lose weight to put yourself an inch closer to diabetes prevention. But, starving yourself of particular nutrients to lose weight might not be the best way to go. You may lose weight fast, but you might also be missing out on some essential nutrients, too.

    Instead, you should make your diet a variety with appropriate portions of nutrients, to enhance healthy eating. Also, limit the amount of food you eat at a time if you are overweight. This will help you limit your insulin and blood sugar levels significantly.

    If you are overweight, it will be a nice gesture to consult your doctor and express your concerns about being at risk of diabetes, either because of your weight or family history. Your doctor will be sure to get you professional help if you will need one.

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